January 2006 OTAN: una alianza por la libertad  

NATO is at a crossroads. It may choose the path of continuity, risking becoming marginal to the security needs of its members or, alternatively, as argued in this report, it could walk the path of strategic change.

It is our belief that NATO should take an ambitious jump if the organization wants to play a central role in strengthening the security of its members.

Over a few months we gathered a group of experts, under the direction of Rafael L. Bardají, head of International Policy Studies at FAES, and Florentino Portero, executive secretary of GEES (Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos), to discuss and advance the ideas we consider to be the appropriate ones to put NATO on the right track. Despite all the operations carried out by NATO today, we believe the strategic divergence among its members is still deep and may condemn the organization if not properly addressed.

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