January 2007 América latina: una agenda de libertad  

FAES presented proposals to defend Western values in the fields of security and the economy in two earlier publications: NATO, an Alliance for Freedom and Towards an Atlantic Prosperity Zone. These proposals were designed to guarantee freedom and increase prosperity. Latin America: an Agenda for Freedom, is the third in this series of strategic documents.

Latin America is an integral part of the West. Today it is facing the dilemma of having to choose which of two roads to travel. Along one lie openness to the world, democracy, respect for individual rights and freedoms and solid Rule of Law. This is the road travelled by successful countries, and is the way to attract investment, create incentives for entrepreneurs, generate jobs and reduce poverty. The other road leads in the opposite direction and we have seen enough of history (the Cuban tyranny is not the only case) to know where it leads to. Those who promote this road today are informed by outdated ideas ? revolutionary populism, neo-statism, indigenism and nationalist militarism ? all of which are familiar to Latin America. They represent “21st century socialism”, the successor of the socialism that generated misery and oppression in the 20th century.

Latin America: an Agenda for Freedom offers some ideas for tackling the main problems that threaten the region and are hindering its growth. If it harnesses the power of the concepts of freedom and democracy Latin America will be able to take its place amongst the leading nations of the world.

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