March 2019 Alejandro Lerroux. La República Liberal Roberto Villa García

One of the most evocative characters of contemporary Spain, Lerroux embodies like no other the link between two different ways of understanding politics, straddling the 19th and 20th centuries. Educated in a dogmatic movement and subscribed to conspiracy and pronouncement, he became the creator of a pragmatic and interclassist mass republicanism, that would also become one of the first modern and competitive parties in our history.

A young adversary of constitutional politics, Lerroux ended up leading, from 1910 until 1936, the most encouraging and coherent attempt to make liberal democracy and the Republic compatible in Spain.

TÍTULO: Alejandro Lerroux. La República Liberal
AUTOR: Roberto Villa García
PRECIO: Papel: 15€ €. E-pub: 7,99€ €.
ISBN: 978-84-96729-47-6

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