March 2016 El “Brexit”: un desafío para todo el continente  
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“The relationship with the EU is only one part of the post-Brexit story. To prosper outside, Britain will need to be prepared to undertake active steps towards trade liberalisation and deregulation”

“Just over 35% of UK goods exports to the EU are in sectors where the EU imposes high tariffs and would therefore be vulnerable. The UK cannot simply walk away from the EU. It would need a new trade arrangement”

“Outside of the EU, the UK could adopt different immigration policies. However, limiting labour supply could make the UK less competitive by raising wages and prices”

“A referendum result that saw the UK leave the EU, despite a vote to Remain in Scotland, would lead to demands for another Scottish independence vote that would be near impossible to resist”

“If Euroscepticism and national democracy are marginalised and confined to the political extremes, this will only further pit the EU elites against the insurgents, with potentially politically explosive consequences”

“While it would be tempting for the EU to regard a Remain vote as a relief, it would be naïve to think that the ?British issue? will have been resolved. Whatever a Remain vote will be, it will not be an enthusiastic endorsement of the EU”