III Foro #IDEASFAES Valencia Regional financing and public management: unfinished business for the Valencian Community


The financing system of the Autonomous Communities has been the subject of intense debates in recent years in the context of the economic crisis and the secessionist challenge in Catalonia, which have called into question the sustainability and continuity of our territorial model. There is a clear consensus that the current regional financing system needs to be urgently reviewed - pending since 2014 - in order to better adapt it to the needs of the Comunidades autónomas. For the Valencian Community, this is a long-awaited reform and one of the main future challenges it faces.

Jose María Rotellar, lecturer at the Francisco de Vitoria University and at the CES Cardenal Cisneros:
"The Autonomic Financing System (SFA) must be reformed urgently, as it has expired since 31 December 2013, and it must be updated in order to incorporate the solidarity of the foral regions, respecting their system, but also complying with the constitutional mandate that extends the obligation of solidarity to all regions"
"The SFA must be reformed to be a clear, understandable, fair and solidary system, without so many convoluted funds, with crystalline criteria, that guarantee ordinality - which is not given now - that eliminates any trap from the system - which there is now - and that abandons the idea of the status quo"

Vicente Garrido, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Valencia:
"The political autonomy enshrined in the Constitution requires adequate funding for the competence of each Comunidad autónoma"
"Solidarity and coordination must inspire any measure of funding for the Comunidades autónomas"
"The Statutes of Autonomy cannot condition the investment policy of the State in the Comunidades autónomas" 

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