February 2015 Charlie Hebdo. El atentado yihadista de París  
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?One of the Kouachi brothers had received twenty thousand US dollars to carry out an attack, albeit not in Paris but in Yemen, where he had travelled in 2011. Al-Qaeda ordered the attack, but did not coordinate its execution at a military level?

?Out of 49 “Jihadist plots” in Europe between 2008 and 2013, the terrorists were not able to kill in 47, due to their own incapability, or because they were arrested. This information offers rather an efficient image of security services?

?The jihadist threat is difficult to deal with, not only by the French intelligence but by intelligence services worldwide. The United States included?

?In the language of militant jihadists, Westerners are “monstrous creatures” with whom they must avoid any contact to preserve their spiritual purity?