Papers FAES Memory and forgetfulness of reconcilitian


The PSOE's proposal of law to amend the so-called' “Ley de memoria histórica” is his ace up their sleeves that the Socialists are saving to respond to the intentions of Podemos in their quest to snatch the “anti-Franco” flag from them. The journalist Pedro Corral, a PP councilor in Madrid, describes the proposal as "absolutely shattering", and argues in these FAES Papers that it is "the last burden to sweep away the constitutional system, based on harmony and reconciliation, taking with him the most precious rights of the Spanish people due to a civil confrontation more than eighty years ago".

-       The final twist of the screw that PSOE has taken with the “Ley de memoria histórica” threat from freedom-killing for the sake of worshipping a consistent and unassailable official narrative promulgated by an “Orwellian Truth Commission”.

-       The proposal declares illegal associations that “defend francoism, fascism and Nazism”, but does not include communism.

-       The most aberrant issue is the consideration it makes as the status of victim, brushing off all those who suffer violence or persecution from the Republican side at once.

-       Pedro Sánchez is ready to buy Pablo Iglesia’s damaged merchandise ignoring that the Transition was a political operation demanded by those of the left who where defeated in the Civil War.

-       Hopefully, the underlying justification empowered to veto the debate on the proposal will go beyond the budget. What is at stake is not measured in euros, but actually involves our rights.

Translated by: David Alonso Galera


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