Aznar and Cospedal Have Open Today the 2012 FAES Campus


2012 FAES CAMPUS FAES Foundation is organising the ninth edition of its FAES Campus which will be held in Navacerrada (Madrid) from June 29 to July 7. The FAES Campus is a gathering space devoted to analysing and studying the most important issues being currently discussed in Spain. Seventy renowned scholars, politicians and analysts from Spain and abroad will use conferences and round tables to set forth their points of view on matters essential for our future. The Campus will be opened by Jos? Mar?a Aznar and closed by Mariano Rajoy. The students attending each course ?"around sixty in each of them?" will be able to discuss issues with the speakers and enrich the dialogues, assembled around a large debating table. The Campus is mainly addressed to people who carry out their careers in politics, university, research and as professionals in general. The courses are the following: THE WESTERN SOCIETY BEFORE THE NEW ECONOMIC ORDER (From June 29 to July 1) The West and its role in the international economic context are facing a crucial time for the future. In an increasingly globalised economic scenario and given the growth experienced by other regions, Europe and the United States are compelled to face these challenges. Europe is undergoing a deep economic crisis which is forcing it to reconsider its institutional structure as well as the necessary measures to enable euro sustainability. A comprehensive diagnosis must be carried out to establish the causes and the real impact of the crisis. Spain and the rest of the countries must apply reforms that increase their capability to compete. Reforms and a knowledge based economy and new technologies are the way to achieve this. The ability to implement them, the challenge. A PROJECT FOR FREEDOM FOR BOTH HEMISPHERES (From July 2 to 4) 200 years ago, the Spaniards from Europe and America wrote one the most brilliant pages of their common history by enacting, under Napoleonic siege, a text which would become a reference of civilisation and freedom: the Constitution of Cadiz. FAES pays tribute to this major project for freedom forged by Spaniards from both hemispheres for both hemispheres, and invokes the convictions and courage of its promoters to face the huge challenges posed by present times. The indispensable joining of the like-minded to defend democracy and the Rule of Law in Latin America. Venezuela's hope before its next critical elections. The huge task of recovering Spain's position and prestige in the world. The uncertain evolution of the Arab Spring. Europe's future and its quest for a new narrative. The International Course of the 2012 FAES Campus assembles renowned historians, politicians and thinkers with the aim of providing solutions to the problems of an increasingly competitive, globalized and multipolar world. 1812-2012: FROM THE FIRST CONSTITUTION TO THE FUTURE CONSTITUTIONALISM (July 5 and 6) This year, the Spanish people celebrate, with legitimate pride, the second centenary of our first modern Constitution, enacted in Cadiz on March 19, 1812. Fortunately, the constitutional democracy's structural principles established at the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri ?"today brilliantly restored?" continue to be in force: national sovereignty; the division of powers; the acknowledgement and guaranteeing of fundamental rights and representative democracy. This course is based on this inescapable historical reference to set forth some considerations along reformist lines on the main chapters of our constitutional substance. A consideration which cannot be postponed, deep as we are in a crisis context which is not solely economic, but also institutional, as a result of time's deterioration and of the new demands posed by modern societies, but also of not very responsible acts and even challenges which, in some cases, have endeavoured to suggest the dissolution of the historical substrate and the fundamentals of the Constitution itself. In order to defend, reinforce and update our coexistence model we will examine reforms for crucial issues such as education, justice, political organisation, the territorial model, or the strengthening of citizen rights within our Social and Democratic Rule of Law. INFORMATION AND APPLICATION The Campus is celebrated in Navacerrada, Madrid (Hotel Hacienda Los Robles) APPLICATION FEES Fee per course without accommodation: 150 ? Fee per course with accommodation: 300 ? Fee per day: 50 ? FAES will select applicants according to its own criteria. MEDIA INFORMATION: Fundaci?n FAES C/ Mar?a de Molina, 40, 6? planta. 28006 Madrid Tel: 91 576 68 57 (web) individuals may obtain a Diploma certifying their attendance to the FAES Campus. DOWNLOAD HERE THE PROGRAMME